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My name is Ben and I'm currently a student at a school some where. I'm president of my fencing team and spend my time playing video game and coding. More recently I've taken up graphic design. Life is good. P.S. We do enjoy pie ;)

  1. rosityler:

    Happy 43rd Birthday, David Tennant! (18/04/1971)

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    Happy Easter!

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  5. final-dedicati0n:


    I will never not reblog this.

    ​this is one of the most haunting, sad and beautiful documentaries I’ve watched, and I’ve watched an awful lot of documentaries…

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  7. may10baby:


    The best part of adventure time will always be how much these two genuinely love each other

    but aren’t dogs colorblind

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  9. the-ink-monster:

    Shout out to all the lucky gals that feel nothing when they’re on their periods while I feel like a fully grown dinosaur on a motorbike is trying to pop a wheelie right out of my vagoo.

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  11. missespeon:

    wait a fucking second

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  13. laugh-addict:

    Powerful & creative imagery

    the food and education made me sad.

    I have always been fascinated by these ‘world of 100 people’ things, I remember spending hours thinking through the ones on a poster at church when I was 9 or so. It really, really makes some really important stuff so blindingly clear, in numbers we can understand. And it should, I hope it does, inspire us to act. 

    Amazing post.

    i hope im one of the 7 people with a computer

    It’s sad that more people would have a computer that an education

    well, hold up. that’s college education, not public education or trade school. but even then, it’d probably only be in the 20s or 30s. 

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  16. beelzeburg:

    This is… not any less creepy in daylight

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    best of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney


    what was phoenix wright

    oh my goodness these games 

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